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What to Expect at Revolution Rockbridge...


1.   Wine Flights / Samples                                                           

2.   Wine by the glass                                                                   

3.   Wine sales by the bottle (on premise or to go)

4.   Slushies 

5.   Multi-bottle discounts 

6.  Inside / Outside seating

7.  Inside sales from The Chippy Beaver;  Customer orders available.

8.  Prepackaged Offerings:  Cheese Trays, Charcuterie, Non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, etc  (We are not a licensed restaurant)

9 Events are posted on website and Facebook.


1.     Do you offer any food options?

           YES!  We are not a full-service restaurant with a restaurant license.  All food options are                       prepackaged foods by licensed food companies such as charcuterie boards, cheese trays,                 chips/nuts.  Availability can vary.

2.     Do you offer any non-alcoholic drinks?

            YES! We offer soda pop, water, grape juices and occasionally we have a non-alcoholic                        slushie available.  

3.     Can we bring in outside food?

             YES!   Outside food is welcome and encouraged.

4.     Can we bring in outside drinks?

             NO, we are sorry.  Per our state license, outside drinks / alchohol are prohibited.

5.     Are you family friendly / kid friendly?

             YES!  We offer games and non-alcoholic beverages such as kid flights of grape juices!

6.     Are you dog friendly?

             YES!  We have designated areas inside and outside for our furry friends.  We do kindly ask                 that all pups be on a leash and that if any guests feel uncomfortable, that you allow us to                     reseat you in a different location.

7.    Do you make all the wines on site?  

             YES!  We produce and bottle all of our wines here on site. We have our own recipes for the 

             wines and they can vary slightly every time we make a new batch.

8.    Do you ship your wines?   

             At this time, we are not setup to ship out wines. It is something we are licensed to do, but

             need to build inventory and materials to start the process.  We hope to accomplish this in


9.   Are Reservations required?

             Reservations are HIGHLY encouraged if you have a larger party of 7 or more.   If you have 6 

             or less, then its not necessary to make reservations. 

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